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Should spiritual services be charged?

My friend once told me you Urja healers are doing good job but frankly speaking what I feel is your charges are too high. This was absolutely a loose comment. In that month I was hearing such comment from 3rd or 4th person, on top of it, it was totally unexpected to hear that from person like him hence i got hurt and triggered at the same time. I asked him why do you think so. He said it's because you are helping people, this spiritual knowledge is necessary and important now a days and it should not be charged so much or should be offered free of cost.

Trying hard to sound as polite as possible I replied to him I can't give simple and direct answer to your question. You will have to listen to me for sometime and I am sure whatever I will tell you may or may not be able to digest because it is the problem of our society's mindset, deeply rooted beliefs about money.

Offering spiritual services is just like offering any other service like catering, psychological counselling…
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This is what happens when you ask for joy in life!

I love to use access consciousness tools in day to day life. Recently I realized the importance of asking joy. Sharing my 3 experiences. 
1 One day I was feeling extremely restless. My mind was wondering back and forth in the past and future, bringing all kind of negative emotions in present moment. I realized I must shift this energy conciously. I asked these question 3-4 times - what will it take for this energy to shift? what can bring me joy now?. I took some logical efforts, tried watching motivation videos of my favorite speakers, tried reading my favorite book, tried watching TV... Etc etc. After almost two hours trying everything in vain, I just asked myself charuta how do you really want to feel now...My heart replied I want joy and peace.
I again asked question with great intensity....what can bring joy in my life now? Then after few minutes I heard one voice in my head. "Listen to old Marathi songs." Quickly I searched on YouTube and soon I found myself immersed in m…

"Ignore or Accept, choice is yours !" We are doing our duty - Your's lovingly, Angels

An intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know Why. Life tested me several times what I do in such situations where my gut knew something before my head did!

I am sure you all must have experienced “hey I thought so …” moments of regrets!
I am sharing my experiences where angels gave me clear messages or warning yet I chose to ignore, as a result I suffered inconvenience, loss and irritation. Unfortunately I have long list of such incidences but sharing few here! 
Incidence no. 1 One day when I was leaving from my house to conduct swim coaching batch, while picking up my house key from drawer, a clear message popped in my mind. “Take pen and paper to note down details of fees paid by participants”. My logical mind immediately said "no need, Rohit (my swimming coaching partner) always carry pen and diary, as he directly comes from office” When I went to pool and asked for pen and paper from him, he said “oh I don't have, I did not go to office…

Is our future fixed?

What's written in my destiny? What's going to happen in future? How's does my future look like? 
Without any exception, everyone must have gotten curious about this topic at some point of time in life. 
Future is not fixed. We are the co- creators of our future and experiences. It is a combination of destiny and free will. Destiny is nothing but the plan that Universe has for us. Divine energies know what is best for us. Free will is a choice given to us. Whether to accept or reject, believe or not believe, to act or not... It is all about choices that we make consciously or unconsciously. 
When our choices are aligned with the Will of Universe, we get to experience joy, success, magic, personal growth etc immense benefits are associated with it. 
Often clients approach us with curiosity to know their future, most of them assume it is totally fixed. They consider tarot and angel cards as future prediction tools! 
Yes, upto certain extend all occult sciences do predict future. W…

Judging success and situations of other people !

Iceberg theory of success states that people can see the outcome of person’s action and accomplishments, whereas the efforts that were necessary to achieve such outcome remain hidden and unnoticed.
I love this theory! When I saw this image first time on social media instantly one childhood memory surfaced in my mind.

Year 2000, last year of my school, last annual day function and my name was being announced…’best sportsman/woman award goes to miss Charuta Bhalerao…’. I was being invited on stage for felicitation. While I was getting up from my seat with a broad smile on my face I overheard gossip among my classmates. “She only gets it every year, nothing new, why to clap, there is no need for our school to put her on pedestal….”
I am writing about this incident first time, almost more than a decade later yet I remember this incident vividly. How their words, body language, facial expressions and tone made me feel hurt, angry and helpless at the same time.
I went ahead and received trophy…

How i implemented Law of attraction to manifest right jobs for me !

While travelling from Pune to Mumbai I happened to interact with stranger on spiritual topics. What he mentioned during our conversation is worth mentioning here “I do practice law of attraction but recent experience made me totally confused. My friend is blaming me for teaching him these techniques. My friend was desperately wanted to get out of his stressful job hence I told him you visualize you have got offer letter from other company, you are resigning from this job, your last day etc etc. My friend did manifest new job but now he is so frustrated and feeling that previous job was way better than this” Have you experienced this? You asked for something from universe, you prayed for it, you applied law of attraction but when you actually manifested it, you went like Oh this is not what I wanted, I am not happy with this. 
I would like to share my experience here
In last semester of MBA, ICICI Prudential was the first company to visit our campus for placements. I applied law of attrac…

My experience of connecting with Krishna consciousness

I am a big fan of Marathi television serial Devashapath. I do not miss a single episode. All concepts like karma, freewill, destiny, divine intervention, power of intention or thoughts, power of prayer etc are beautifully presented in form of entertaining story.In this story lord Krishna lives with one family in human avatar to prove his existence to one extremely successful person who is atheist but very hard working, intelligent, ethical, fair and kind-hearted soul.
One day while watching this TV serial I was completely enthralled by one scene, it moved me to tears, spontaneously I prayed “Dear lord Krishna you are absolutely amazing, I love you so much, will you please come to my home ?”
After making this wish from bottom of my heart I spent next few moments in childlike wonderment, thinking wow what if this wish come true! How will it come true?.
Later I got busy with my routine work. On the same day my husband flew to Bangalore to attend wedding of his client’s daughter. At night I…