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Joining the dots...How universe helped me in my Swimming Career

This video of Priya Kumar reminded me of my own story.
By the end of the year 2012 I had found my calling. I realized that corporate career in financial industry had made significant contribution in my life in many aspects. I was happy with all the success I had achieved till date but I was very sure it can no longer give me the same level of contentment in future. I wanted to pursue my hobbies or passion as full time career i.e. Writing, Spiritual and mind training practices, Swimming and Swimming Coaching.
I had new agenda for my life
To experience competitive swimming life again and stay active in competitive swimmingBuild swim coaching career, take formal education in this field and produce successful swimmersContribute in swimming field in whatever way I canCreate awareness about spiritual and mind training practices. Conduct headings and workshopsGet paid to writeGet associated with NGOs working for environme…
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What kind of partner you are in love relationship - Numerology influence ! -

Numbers Surrounding Us’ blog series
Every number has a cosmic vibration. Numbers do govern our lives even if we are not aware consciously. Not only birthdates but all other numbers that are part of us in day to day life do bring their energy and influence our lives. These numbers are mobile number, business number, house number, marriage number, money number, child number, parent number, angel number, vehicle number etc. I will be sharing my research under ‘Numbers Surrounding Us’ series.
Today let’s understand how numbers influence our love life. If your birth date is 29th December then your number is 1. This is calculated by reducing number 29 to single digit i.e. 2+9=11;  1+1= 2.
Number 1 In most cases they dominate the relationship, they have upper hand or last say. They want their partners to dance to their tune. They have fix and rigid opinions. They do not change for their partners. Many times they lack diplomacy in relationship. They are mentally very strong. They support …

Numerology - My story of Numbers

Considering my interest in occult sciences my colleagues gifted me numerology books as farewell present. I was so grateful for receiving such a thoughtful gift from them but at that time I felt this subject is out of my league, little did I know one day would be obsessed about numerology.
Those books happily rested in my book shelf for two years. In the year 2015 I was drawn to Numerology. I found myself immersed in numerology subject day and night - I was reading books, article, watching videos, interacting with numerology practitioners, preparing and studying charts like crazy. I wanted to grasp as fast as I could, wanted to make up for lost time. Within a week I realized this is an awesome ancient science. When I prepared and analyzed my chart it left me awestruck. My life was being governed by these numbers even without my conscious knowledge.
I would love to share my story of core numbers!
My life path number - 7.  My birthdate 9th Feb 1985 = 9+2+1+9+8+5=34; 3+4=7 Life path number i…

My spiritual journey

"The spiritual journey, the path of recovery and personal growth, is a detoxification process in which we bring up and out the negative beliefs we have carried with us from the past and that now poison the present" - Unknown 
This is the first time I am summarizing my spiritual journey till date. Thanks to Namrata, our Urja Holistic Healing Group client and whats app group member, her persistent requests to us (Urja founders) to share our spiritual journeys made me actually sit and pen it down.
My family played significant role directly and indirectly in shaping up my beliefs. My mom taught me how to communicate with God, she always used to tell me ‘Talk to God as if he is your best friend’. My dad always told me ‘having faith in God is more important than following rituals, these rituals and religions are designed by we human beings, God never says do these things for me.’ My grandfather was very religious and ritualistic man but he never forced any religious practices on m…

Patience - How you act while waiting !

Patience ! mere pronunciation of this word makes us feel powerless, switching on victim mode. This is the toughest life lesson we all find difficult to master. We all are waiting for something to happen and we hate to wait especially in this era of 4 G internet, where  download time exceeding 3 seconds is considered as delay !Situation that demands us to be patient is a challenge. However no challenge is presented by destiny without definite purpose. These trials and tests of life helps us to grow spiritually and personally pushing our soul on the path of enlightenment and wisdom. Hence the key to success lies in how we endure hard times. So, How to exhibit patience ? Is it only about how long we wait ? Answer is not really. I feel It is also about what we do while 'waiting' as well as having right mindset.It is about utilising waiting period creatively and constructivelyIt is about putting best possible efforts yet surrender to divine wisdom for the outcomeIt is about taking …

Messages predicting 'Death' !

Certain things happen exactly it is supposed to be and no one has power to change it...especially 'Death'Our life path is designed with divine wisdom and that includes not only the lessons and karma but also the timing and the way in which we are to exit this earth planet. This is strange but true...I had received messages predicting Death !!! Sharing my experiences in detail.First incidentIn the year 2004 i was admitted in the hospital and my condition was critical. One day my school friend's mother came to meet me at hospital. I was lying on the bed to my left side, facing the wall. My mother told me "see charuta aunty has come to meet you." I was feeling too weak to turn to my other side and greet her. Sitting near my bed, aunty said "it's okay let her sleep".Next moment I heard clear voice "charuta take efforts, turn and talk to her because this is the last time you are meeting her". My conscious mind immediately dismissed that voice s…

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels - I heard these words in the year 2004, back then I had neither heard of this term nor had any exposure to the topics related to spirituality & healing.It was just a normal Sunday morning at home. My father had instructed me to clean all my stuff lying on the floor. I was feeling very lazy and had already ignored his reminders enough number of times. Then the final reminder came from him in a loud voice. I was still reluctant to act upon it. If I had ignored this last one, he would have burst into anger at any moment.Before I could reply to my father I heard this sentence - "charuta this is enough, go and do it right away". It was an authoritative, firm yet loving voice coming from behind. I also felt warm sensation near my right ear. This instruction was kind of difficult to ignore. Turning my head towards direction of voice I said ..."Yes yes I m doing it....wait for a second"Next moment I realized that it was not my father's voice. He was…