Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My spiritual journey

"The spiritual journey, the path of recovery and personal growth, is a detoxification process in which we bring up and out the negative beliefs we have carried with us from the past and that now poison the present" - Unknown 

This is the first time I am summarizing my spiritual journey till date. Thanks to Namrata, our Urja Holistic Healing Group client and whats app group member, her persistent requests to us (Urja founders) to share our spiritual journeys made me actually sit and pen it down.

My family played significant role directly and indirectly in shaping up my beliefs. My mom taught me how to communicate with God, she always used to tell me ‘Talk to God as if he is your best friend’. My dad always told me ‘having faith in God is more important than following rituals, these rituals and religions are designed by we human beings, God never says do these things for me.’ My grandfather was very religious and ritualistic man but he never forced any religious practices on me, in fact he taught me you can pray from anywhere and anytime.

I am extremely thankful to them for giving me my own space, freedom to develop my own connection with God. They never forced me to follow or adopt their beliefs.

I am very excited to share all my major spiritual experiences during different phases of my life.
Here I go…. J

As a child I was always curious to know more about God and Universe. I had so many questions about planets, earth, human existence, death, religions etc etc. I always knew that there is a life beyond what we human beings could see, perceive or comprehend now. I used to ask so many questions to my parents but their answers could never quench my thrust. I remember myself as young as 8-9 years old child standing in front of mirror and ask myself who are you? From where did you come? Where were you before you entered mom’s womb? Deep down I just knew that I existed before I was born.

1.       One day when my mom was yelling at me, and I was throwing tantrums at her. Suddenly I said “I had been your mom before and you are my mom, now you understand how tough is to deal with children, enjoy your role.” Many years later I realized I was operating from my past life memories.
2.       I remember myself in the womb of my mother having acute awareness of my mother’s feelings. When she used to go through emotional turmoil, i used to get scared and tried to communicate with her telepathically. I also remember myself as new born baby, feeling very limited in my body, telepathically communicating with my mom about what I need.
3.       When I was in 6th standard I got my first out of body experience. I have written separate post on my blog. http://mindpower-charuta.blogspot.in/2015/09/my-first-out-of-body-experience.html
4.       When I was in 7th standard I won district level swimming championship. We all swimmers were waiting for felicitation ceremony to begin and suddenly I was taken into trance or different dimension. I lost awareness of whatever was happening around me. Time stopped completely, everything around seems be happening in very slow motion. I sensed presence of old wise soul, fatherly figure. He was emitting energies of love, peace and protection. He said “I understand your urge to prove yourself in swimming field. All these obstacles and bad experiences are part of your journey, but eventually you will get what you want.” I was delighted to hear that. I expressed all my problems, concerns to him. He assured things will be fine and I will come back to swimming after many years from now.

I never shared these experiences with anyone or rather at that time I could not even articulate in words.


As the years passed these memories faded away but my intuitions continued to grow stronger.

1.       There were so many instances of claircognizance. I would know what would be the headline of newspaper without even seeing it, I would know who was calling when phone bell rang, I would know who is visiting when door bell rang…sometimes what they are going to say.
2.       One day by just looking at Mayuresh (my husband) I heard clear message from that same old wise fatherly figure soul “one day you will get married to this guy” I was shocked because at that time neither we were friends nor I had any feelings for him, but that revelation gave me peace.
3.       One day our close relative visited our place, I had clear knowing that this person is suffering from certain disease. Next day when my parents told me about it, I was like yes I knew this.

Though during this phase I was consciously aware of my spiritual experiences, I never analyzed my experiences. I never shared it with anyone. I was just happily enjoying special attention God or Universe was giving me. I developed strong connection with God.

Early 20s

By this time all my memories further faded away. I was completely dedicated to all practical aspects of life. I was very ambitious, wanted to top in my studies and corporate career.
During this phase personal growth was important for me. I wanted to overcome all my flaws, blocks, fears, phobias, limited thinking and develop my skills, knowledge and personality. I had no clue how I was going to do it? I was not even clear what help I needed at that time. My strong intention and desire to improve myself attracted help from universe miraculously.
One day I bumped into book called ‘the power of your subconscious mind’ at crossword, it had magically fell at my feet, i casually picked up and read index and few pages. I was amazed, that’s what i was exactly looking for. From that day onwards I became dedicated student of self help literature. I read many books on positive thinking, mind power, law of attraction, creative visualization, power of thoughts and word, how to live life, set goals etc etc. By implementing those techniques, I successfully completed MBA, I attracted dream jobs and profiles, earned money, got appreciation, rewards and awards at work.

Though I was too engrossed in practical living, I experienced few spiritual encounters.

1.       Messages predicting death
2.       Introduction to Guardian Angel.
3.       I was admitted in hospital and I was at critical stage. One I was in half awake half asleep stage. I saw beam of light coming from above and then I saw my maternal uncle, who had died few weeks a ago, walking and coming towards me. He radiated unconditional love and warmth. He said “hey my child, it is not your time yet, don’t worry”. I was overwhelmed and astonished to see him, in that excitement I called my dad and said “look who is here!” The moment i said that uncle went away hurriedly.
4.       One day I gave ultimatum to God and told him if you exists prove me. I wanted justification from him for all sufferings and problems destiny was continuously throwing at me since the day I was born. I cried a lot in my hostel room. I got exhausted and after sometime I found myself half awake half asleep state of mind. I saw myself sitting in front of huge book and that wise old fatherly figure soul was explaining me something. I saw few scenes in that book. I saw myself nodding my head and saw my expression changing as if I was getting clarity.  I did not hear or remember a single word of that communication yet I felt very peaceful next day. I was just pondering over that experience; I asked myself “what was that?” Clear answer came to me ‘Akashik Record’! I had never heard this word and how can it come from within? My logical mind made several failed attempts to trace that word in my brain’s memory. When I checked on Google I freaked out, this word did exist. Huge information was available but at that time it was beyond my capacity to comprehend that topic. I decided not to read or analyze anything.

There are So many incidences where I was miraculously protected from harsh people and incidences. Again I never discussed these incidences with anyone. I had fear of being laughed at or being labeled as weird.

Age 25 years onwards

In the year 2010 one of my colleague casually mentioned about out of body experience article she had come across. That discussion triggered all faded memories to appear on surface. That day onwards I started taking conscious efforts to understand these topics or dimensions of life. Internet was a great tool. I was so happy and amazed to know there are lakhs of people out there in world who had amazing spiritual experiences and there were huge number of books written on various topics were easily available to read.

I met Shubhada in the year 2010, she was colleague and partner in conscious spiritual journey. We read a lot, discussed many things, attended courses and workshops together. She was the person who had similar life struggle as of mine. I could share anything and everything with her. She came as an answer to my prayer. I always had big friend circle yet I wanted one new best friend, so God sent her in my life J

We read many books on past lives, spirit word, near death experiences, angels, archangels, energy healing etc etc. We learnt Reiki, Tarot card reading, Meditation, Angel card reading, Violet flame, Angelic healing etc etc. I started my weekend practice of healing. I bought great satisfaction because now I was in a position to make meaningful contribution to lives of people around me.

Ashwini was my tarot reading client and the day I met her I felt we have some connection. We instantly became friends. She accelerated my spiritual progress.

In the year 2012 I started feeling emptiness in my heart. I was losing interest in corporate career. I started searching my life purpose. I had strong desire to live meaningful life and to the best of my abilities. This is a painful process. It turns your life upside down. All chaos, confusions, fears, blocks etc. all unhealed issues and emotions starts to show up. In the year 2013 I finally came up with new blue print of my life.

With my husband’s support I could leave my job in 2014 to take up spirituality (teaching and healing), swimming coaching and writing as full time career.

I attracted huge criticism when I chose new direction. Many people thought it was emotional and foolish decision, I don’t have any future, I can’t earn money, I don’t have scope for growth, what is the use of education and corporate experience all stands void now etc etc. many people passed on their fears and limited thinking. I somehow managed to stay strong and not get affected. I had taken leap of faith, I had showed up courage to follow my heart and expand my life beyond the possibilities that I never thought could exists for me.

Year 2014 onwards

After I left my job and started following my passions as full time career, life changed drastically. Every day is different and magical. I am now put on accelerated path of success. Though there are new set of challenges but now I know why they exists, just to help me expand and push to new level.
We Urja group is at 1000+ likes, we have 150+ people on our whats group, we are expanding and working towards our mission, we will soon be launching our website!

Regarding my swimming coaching I am happy with my success at Garware club. Daily I am growing as a coach. Destiny is sending huge support. Along with two other partners I am now co-founder of Dream Swim Academy. I enjoy coaching to kids!

I enjoy writing and getting paid for writing articles!

One thing I have realized you will never go wrong if your follow your heart. When you follow your heart and passion universe always pours abundance in every form…money, appreciation, rewards, awards, like minded supportive people, and all magical coincidences!

Once again thanks to Namrata for suggesting us to write our journeys…I enjoyed writing this!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Patience - How you act while waiting !

Patience ! mere pronunciation of this word makes us feel powerless, switching on victim mode. This is the toughest life lesson we all find difficult to master.

We all are waiting for something to happen and we hate to wait especially in this era of 4 G internet, where  download time exceeding 3 seconds is considered as delay !

Situation that demands us to be patient is a challenge. However no challenge is presented by destiny without definite purpose. These trials and tests of life helps us to grow spiritually and personally pushing our soul on the path of enlightenment and wisdom.

Hence the key to success lies in how we endure hard times.

So, How to exhibit patience ? Is it only about how long we wait ? Answer is not really. I feel It is also about what we do while 'waiting' as well as having right mindset.

It is about utilising waiting period creatively and constructively

It is about putting best possible efforts yet surrender to divine wisdom for the outcome

It is about taking responsibility of the situation and avoid blame game

It is about not letting frustration and fears take over

It is about not succumbing to the drama created by people around you

It is about choosing to stay happy and stay at peace

It is about seeking help and guidance from right resource

It is about trusting divine timing (God has perfect timing, never early or never late!) and not regretting or cribbing over past

It is about learning lessons out of the situation

It is about helping others who are sailing in the same boat

Last but not the least....if possible, finding the humor in the situation. :)

Take example of any situation testing patience....
Waiting in traffic jam or in long que; waiting for exam results or getting shortlisted at dream university or college; waiting to get dream job or promotion or start new business; waiting to get married; waiting to become parent; waiting for kids to be well behaved; waiting for recovery from disease; waiting for legal battle to settle; waiting to improve financial condition or recover from losses; waiting to sell or buy property....!!!

This approach bring miracles. It helps us to rise above problems, we stay unaffected by inner fears and negative thinking of people around us. Peaceful / calm mind and heart enables us to take better decisions. This in turn attracts miraculous divine intervention by higher energies making us realize all blessings in disguise !

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Messages predicting 'Death' !

Certain things happen exactly it is supposed to be and no one has power to change it...especially 'Death'

Our life path is designed with divine wisdom and that includes not only the lessons and karma but also the timing and the way in which we are to exit this earth planet.

This is strange but true...I had received messages predicting Death !!!

Sharing my experiences in detail.

First incident

In the year 2004 i was admitted in the hospital and my condition was critical. One day my school friend's mother came to meet me at hospital. I was lying on the bed to my left side, facing the wall. My mother told me "see charuta aunty has come to meet you." I was feeling too weak to turn to my other side and greet her. Sitting near my bed, aunty said "it's okay let her sleep".

Next moment I heard clear voice "charuta take efforts, turn and talk to her because this is the last time you are meeting her". My conscious mind immediately dismissed that voice saying "oh what nonsense, I don't believe this"...yet i followed instruction and talked to her.

Few weeks later I heard news of her sad demise in road accident. I was stunned and scared too.

Second Incident

Year 2007 was the last year of my post graduation. I was totally immersed in studies, projects and activities related to campus placements. One afternoon while I was walking on the road, preoccupied with these thoughts I saw my sister's friend on the other side of road. She waved her hand to say hi and stopped to have conversation with me. I was about to say "hey will catch you later, now I am in hurry."

Before I could say anything i heard loud and clear voice, piercing my thoughts it said "Wait charuta, Stop for two minutes and talk to her because this is the last time you are seeing her." I was confused yet followed that instruction and spoke with her for 5 minutes and then we exchanged good byes.

Few weeks later I was shocked to hear news of her death in train accident. I thought OMG yes I had received this message. I felt terribly helpless and sad.

Third incident

Third incident happened in the year 2008. I was invited for dinner by our family friend. As usual uncle was very cheerful and enthusiastically talking to me regarding my work. Though he looked totally fit and fine, I was constantly feeling that something is wrong with him.

After sometime I heard voice "charuta this is the last time you are meeting him."

First time I acknowledged this voice however my conscious mind had some points to argue -  'how it is possible...he is in late 50s and totally fit and fine'. I decided not to think much about it.

Few weeks later I heard news of his demise in sudden heart attack.

Fourth incident

In the year 2011 i was introduced to one teenage boy in family function. We hardly spoke with each other. But the moment I met him I felt something is not right with this young fellow but did not understand what was wrong. I decided not to analyse further.

We left early from that function and while saying goodbye to host I saw that boy having dinner and the very next moment I heard this voice "this was your first and last meeting".

As usual every time conscious mind finds new reason to deny this voice. This time it told me...'hey pls you don't even know this guy...and how can u get messages about him'

Few weeks later I heard news that he committed suicide.

I then realized one common thread among these incidences.

All these deaths were sudden. None of the families could have anticipated death in their wildest dream as they all were physically fit and fine.

The Voice that brought these messages to me was neutral, firm and calm. It sounded like information is being delivered regarding inevitable future event. It felt like wise and old man or master breaking the news.

Really human life on this planet is just like a drop of water in the ocean ! Divine wisdom and universe is too vast to comprehend with our limited human mind. 

Friday, 4 December 2015

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels - I heard these words in the year 2004, back then I had neither heard of this term nor had any exposure to the topics related to spirituality & healing.

It was just a normal Sunday morning at home. My father had instructed me to clean all my stuff lying on the floor. I was feeling very lazy and had already ignored his reminders enough number of times. Then the final reminder came from him in a loud voice. I was still reluctant to act upon it. If I had ignored this last one, he would have burst into anger at any moment.

Before I could reply to my father I heard this sentence - "charuta this is enough, go and do it right away". It was an authoritative, firm yet loving voice coming from behind. I also felt warm sensation near my right ear. This instruction was kind of difficult to ignore. Turning my head towards direction of voice I said ..."Yes yes I m doing it....wait for a second"

Next moment I realized that it was not my father's voice. He was not even standing or sitting behind me. I was stunned but not scared. As I could feel loving, protective and peaceful energies around me.

I asked my father did you say anything now ? He said "No..."and continued what he was doing.

I was surprised and confused. I was sure I heard real voice. It was a male's voice but tone was completely different from my father's voice. It felt like someone elderly wise man talking to me.

I started thinking who was there in the room ? Who spoke with me ? The moment I posed these questions in my mind. I heard same voice again...it said

"I spoke with you. I am your Guardian Angel".

Again I felt similar energies around me...very protective, safe, loving and warm.

I did not think much about it. I never discussed about this incident with anyone.

At that time...this revelation was confusing. I had always believed in God and was vaguely aware of term 'angels'. They are often depicted as men or little children with wings in Christian art, but i never heard about 'Guardian Angels' and their role in our lives.

6 years later when I was drawn into spirituality i came across book called 'Laws of spirit world' by Khorshed Bhavnagari', this book talk lot about Guardian angels and angel hierarchy in spirit world.

I was amazed and extremely blessed to have already communicated with my Guardian Angel few years a go.

Later on I learnt about them through many books, articles. My gurus and friends who are accompanying me on spiritual journey also contributed their knowledge and experiences.

About Guardian Angels
Every person who takes birth on this earth planet has been assigned minimum one or two guardian angels by God. They are with us throughout our life's journey...from birth to death. Their task is to guide us towards our life's mission or purpose and protect us. They are always ready to extend help but they respect our free will.

They never judge, they never get angry, they never get frustrated or irritated.....they simply keep loving us in all situations even if we are making mistakes or deviating from our purpose or life path. They totally accept us the way we are and love us unconditionally in every situation.

They hug us when we are sad...they celebrate our access....they understand our grief...they understand our blocks and fears...in short hey have solution to all our problems.

All intuitions, hunches, repetitive thoughts or feelings that we get are nothing but communication sent by them.

We just need to believe in them and ask for their help. They are with us all the time always eager and willing to extend their support.

Friday, 18 September 2015

My first out of body experience

I had my first out of body experience when I was 12 years old. I still remember that incident vividly. That day I was sleeping in the afternoon. Suddenly I found myself floating in the air.

Whohaa !!! It felt like miracle or magic. I thought "omg I am flying". It was very beautiful feeling. I was in highest state of joy. I was free as a bird and as light as air. I was smiling. I felt I am perfect. I had no fear.

I looked at my body but I did so see anything. My body did not have regular shape. It was kind of transparent substance. I could see but I did not know where my face or eyes were, I could wave my hands but It did not know where my hands were, I could move back and forth but I did not know where my legs were...!!!

I was wondering where my body parts have gone ? But then I did not care. I was enjoying my new state of existence where I was alive without body. I was enjoying this freedom.

I then realized there was something attached to me. It was big transparent bubble or balloon attached to my stomach. It was heavier than my body. It was kind of giving support and balancing my enteric body.

I was so happy to be in this newly found existence and freedom and I wanted to fly higher and higher. As I tried to do I banged my head to ceiling of my room. "Ooops"...I said...and I then looked down.

I saw myself sleeping peacefully on my bed. I was wearing pink and white color frock. I looked around and I saw my mom dusting furniture. She was yelling my name to wake me up. She was irritated as I was not responding. Finally she started walking towards me to wake me up. When I saw my mother standing next to me I said to myself "oops it's time to go back" and the very next moment I opened my eyes and saw my mother's irritated face.

Great feeling of peace washed over me. Her yelling did not affect me. 

I never told this experience to anyone. For so many years this memory was kind of hurried in my mind and heart. In the year 2010 when my colleague shared someone's out of body experience at that time this memory got triggered and I remembered everything clearly as if this has just happened. I then did Google search and was amazed to know that so many people have had similar experiences.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Religion divides and humanity unites - Let's get back to basics

Religion divides and humanity or spirituality unites. Recently released Hindi movies 'Oh my God' and 'PK', Marathi movie 'Deul' presented this concept through beautiful stories. Marathi movie showcasing life of great social worker 'prakash baba amate' has one scene where he says that mi “tula manat nahi re tuzyamule loka ekmekanchya jivavar uthatat ani ekmekanpasun duravatat”.

These movies and some of bestselling books of new age spiritual leaders remind me of teachers who give helpless look to their students struggling to solve complicated mathematics or accounts problem and say "hey you need to get back to your basics. Tell me what a basic rule is!”

In 21st century we all are fighting among ourselves to prove our version of God or method of worshiping superior over other. There is race among different religions; within the religions there is race among castes or sub castes to prove how their path is correct; even within a caste there are differences among families and everyone tries to prove how rituals or customs followed by them are the perfect.

We all need break and we all need to go back to basics.

So just for a while let's keep aside our ego and religious philosophies and go back to an era where human race has just evolved on Earth planet. What did our great ancestors do?

Everything was new and there was lot to explore. Intuitions or inner wisdom was guide and experience was teacher. They hunt for food, learnt which plants are edible which are not; developed art of farming; learnt about climate; learnt properties of natural elements water, air, fire; developed cooking methods; learnt to build shelters; leant that some animals can be reared and can be of domestic help; learnt to protect themselves from wild animals etc. Human race was evolving at different part of the world. Their lives were completely aligned with nature. Food habits, clothing, shelter, daily routine or activities were purely based on the demands of geographic and climatic conditions.

At that time they all were just human beings. Co-operation, curiosity and alignment with nature were key to their progress.

At that time they all had acute understanding of life, had unwavering faith in God. For them God meant one supreme power or creator of this universe. They knew that they are originally souls now experiencing physical bodies and exploring physical world on Earth. They knew that this opportunity is a gift from God. This opportunity to experience life is the opportunity for their souls to grow or evolve.  That’s why everyday was a celebration, celebration of their existence, for getting this opportunity, to experience glory of creator. 

Languages, numbers, all forms of art, technology and sports got developed later. Rather we classified our understanding about environment around us as science, mathematics, geometry, history, arts etc etc. 

Religions, caste, sub castes, rituals were developed later. Pls remember all saints or God ot Goddesses that we worship now had existed on earth 1000 of years a go. They reached highest level of spiritual development and was successful in decoding science or secrets of universe.

They never claimed themselves to be Hindu Muslim Christian Jews...these were just spiritual leaders and then followers labelled it as a particular religion. It was not leaders or God or saints who competed or felt need to prove their superiority over others...but their Followers felt it...!!!

All these leaders were just guiding humanity to right path. Their teachings neither got passed on to subsequent generation in right way nor interpreted in correct way.

So before we fight over rituals, traditions, religion we need to get back to our basics...and it is very simple....before we condemn other person based on his cast culture ...go back few thousands year a back....it could happen your and other person's great great ancestors living happily together hunting food and learning about life. 

We all have same roots. :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Why angelic guidance is important ?

We all must have faced instances where we have ignored our own gut feelings/intuition/inner wisdom/ heart’s calling and followed what others are saying and inspite of following widely acceptable practical or logical solutions, things still just did not work out well for us. Vice-versa, we all must have faced instances where we have gone with our inner wisdom or heart’s calling no matter how illogical it may seems to others and found that things worked well for us.

Things that wok excellently for one person may not work for other. Even solution for two people facing exact same problem may not be the same. Why this happens?

God has made every person on this earth unique in terms of personality, looks, skills, talent etc and has designed unique life path in terms of challenges, achievements, life purpose, priorities etc.

God has also assigned minimum one guardian angel to each person who takes birth on earth plane (no exception). This is an angel who constantly stays with u, from birth until your transition back to heaven. This angel makes sure you are safe, guided and protected. This angel loves you unconditionally.

This angel is just a call away and is willing to extend help on every small or major matter. They know your life path and they know what is best for us in any situation.  Our guardian angel always guides us through our own thought, intuitions and feelings. We often ignore this guidance as we don’t trust the source from where it is coming or our conscious mind can’t find logical reasoning behind our own feelings or thought.

So when we are faced with challenging situation in studies, career, health, relationships, finance etc whom should we approach? How should we know what is the best solution for us? Answer is simple “Listen to your guardian angels” i.e. trust your inner wisdom and go with your heart’s calling.

However due to all negatives thoughts such as fears, anxiety, worry, insecurity or confusion we often fail to tap our inner wisdom and listen to our angels. We even fail to differentiate between heart’s voice and conscious thought. Limiting or false beliefs about our own selves and about overall situation make things even worst. 

At such difficult times Angel Card Reading can provide accurate messages and solutions. Reading gives us new perspective peace and courage to walk on the right path. Angel card reader has faith and ability to connect with angels so even if person who doesn’t have faith on angels still gets accurate reading.