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Numerology Course Level 1 details and testimonials

Numerology level 1 Course 

What Numerology decodes?

Numerology decodes blue print of our soul. It decodes pre birth planning or choices made by soul

Theme of our future is decoded by pinnacle cycle numberChallenges or weaknessesStrengths In born skills or natural skills and talentsPersonality traitsCore competencies Soul's desire and needsThinking pattern Social compatibilitySuitable careersLessons that we need to master......and much moreWho can attend this course? Human resource professionals Psychologist Counselor and healers Business owners Corporate employees or leaders Parents and teachers or anyone who are dealing with childrenAnyone who is interested in learning this scienceAnyone who would like to understand people around themHow this course will help
Understand ‘why’ aspect of human behavior as well as situations in our lifeIt will give you understanding of how to deal with people around you in better mannerParents and teachers/coaches will be able to understand needs of chil…
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You are more than your Visiting Cards!

This has become my favorite topic of observation when I meet people. This is indeed a deep and multifaceted topic.
One of the participants of my workshop Bhavana shared her experience how a young lady who was flaunting her dress, education as well as newly acquired corporate identity at wedding ceremony, stopped throwing attitude to her when she came to know Bhavana is a very senior Human Resource professional at renowned company. This incident made Bhavana contemplate on these questions why do I need this identity to be accepted and respected by people? Is this my only identity? Do my job or role defines me?  Am I not much more than my job? And what if tomorrow I choose to leave the company or job how will society perceive me?
How true this is!
Every time we are asked to introduce ourselves, we usually say our name and what we do i.e. our profession. Our society has unsaid fixed parameters of evaluating success of any person – education, job, company name, post, salary, size of your…
Good bye year 2017 and Welcome 2018 - Numerology perspective 

Universal number of year 2017 was 1. We all were affected and benefited by energies of number 1 during this year in some or other way.
Projects that were stuck for long time suddenly took off, finally decisions were made, risks were taken, and actions were taken. We all must have observed that things happened quickly in some or other areas of our lives. This year was very good to initiate new projects. Energy of number 1 supported those who had courage, who were ready to stand out, do something different and unique, or any form of leadership roles.
On the other side this year bought lot of anger, rough and tough aggressive energy. It bought situations where we had to confront. Number 1 is not flexible; it will never bend, so if you have forced things to happen it must have hit you back badly, it will revolt, resulting into pain, trauma, hurt and anger. 

Universal number of year 2018 is 2. Number 2 will bring lot of peace, harmo…

Ask right questions to get right answer !

Ask and it shall be given is the fundamental law of this Universe, but point is are we really asking ? Are we really asking in correct way ?
If you are driving to a new place for the first time. How do you ensure you reach your destination?. First of all you will ensure you have correct address with you. Then either you can put Google maps on or just follow sign boards on the road.  Inspite of following it what if you get lost ? Ofcourse then you will ask people passing by. If one person doesn't guide you properly you will ask another person and so on. You will keep asking and trying untill you reach your destination.

In this situation will you ever choose to play victim role by stopping at one place and say "Why God, why me, why this happens with me only ?". Ofcourse NO. You will keep moving ahead, you may take few wrong turns, you may reach your destination late but you will always choose to reach there no matter what.
In this situation will you ever expect people arou…

My experiences with Angel Numbers

Universe and angels has unique and creative ways to communicate with us. If we are alert and aware we can read these signs. Angel numbers are a common way for angels to communicate with us. Every number or number sequence has meaning and brings some message to us. Common message is to let you know that they are with you, just to make their presence known to you.
My experience with angel numbers began in the year 2012, when I started to acknowledge that I have something more to do and experience in life other than this full time job. At that time I used to see 10:10 everywhere. My desk clock timing, emails received or sent timing, unread messages or emails, car numbers etc. Even the lifts! I always got to see two adjacent lifts at 10th floor. It used to bring broad smile on my face. It was an awesome feeling. I used to be in awe with Universe. It was taking all possible efforts and using creative ways to communicate with me.
Number 1010 is about awakening, universe presenting new ideas, …

Access Consciousness Bars Class - My experience

All Life Comes to Me With Ease Joy and Glory !

First time I heard about Access Bars in the year 2014 through one of my friend and co-healer. I heard about it from 2-3 people but for them it was just another healing modality. They gave me only one liner. - There are points in our head we need to press them to release negative energy. By that time I had experienced that no matter how beautiful the modality is some healers and teachers either lacks maturity to understand the depth of the subject and simply fail to do justice to it. I believe in all modalities, success depends on teacher how well they teach and students or followers how well they implement it.
Later in the year 2016 Ashwini did Access Bars class from Purva. She immediately shared her experience with us, Shubhada was extremely excited to learn. As usual she did her all own research and all details were at her fingertips. One day she said “Charuta, I am going to do the class and I feel intensely that if you do it will hel…

Numerology - What kind of boss and team member you are 

Every number defines characteristics of our personality and there by role we play at work.

To understand what kind of boss or co-worker / team mate you are, first calculate your core numbers i.e. Birth date number as well as life path number.

Birth date number is the date of your birth reduced to a single digit. Life path number is the total of your date of birth reduced to a single digit. Then check the explanation for both these numbers.

Number 1  Number 1 bosses can come up with trend setting solutions. They are self motivated and determined. They have very high expectations from themselves as well as from team members. On the other side, at times they may become controlling, bossy and egoistic giving tough time to team members. Number 1 team members are confident and efficient in their work. They prefer to work independently with minimum intervention by supervisor. They want their work to be appreciated and recognized. They may lack diplomacy and can be very much opinionated it may le…