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Judging success and situations of other people !

Iceberg theory of success states that people can see the outcome of person’s action and accomplishments, whereas the efforts that were necessary to achieve such outcome remain hidden and unnoticed.
I love this theory! When I saw this image first time on social media instantly one childhood memory surfaced in my mind.

Year 2000, last year of my school, last annual day function and my name was being announced…’best sportsman/woman award goes to miss Charuta Bhalerao…’. I was being invited on stage for felicitation. While I was getting up from my seat with a broad smile on my face I overheard gossip among my classmates. “She only gets it every year, nothing new, why to clap, there is no need for our school to put her on pedestal….”
I am writing about this incident first time, almost more than a decade later yet I remember this incident vividly. How their words, body language, facial expressions and tone made me feel hurt, angry and helpless at the same time.
I went ahead and received trophy…
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How i implemented Law of attraction to manifest right jobs for me !

While travelling from Pune to Mumbai I happened to interact with stranger on spiritual topics. What he mentioned during our conversation is worth mentioning here “I do practice law of attraction but recent experience made me totally confused. My friend is blaming me for teaching him these techniques. My friend was desperately wanted to get out of his stressful job hence I told him you visualize you have got offer letter from other company, you are resigning from this job, your last day etc etc. My friend did manifest new job but now he is so frustrated and feeling that previous job was way better than this” Have you experienced this? You asked for something from universe, you prayed for it, you applied law of attraction but when you actually manifested it, you went like Oh this is not what I wanted, I am not happy with this. 
I would like to share my experience here
In last semester of MBA, ICICI Prudential was the first company to visit our campus for placements. I applied law of attrac…

My experience of connecting with Krishna consciousness

I am a big fan of Marathi television serial Devashapath. I do not miss a single episode. All concepts like karma, freewill, destiny, divine intervention, power of intention or thoughts, power of prayer etc are beautifully presented in form of entertaining story.In this story lord Krishna lives with one family in human avatar to prove his existence to one extremely successful person who is atheist but very hard working, intelligent, ethical, fair and kind-hearted soul.
One day while watching this TV serial I was completely enthralled by one scene, it moved me to tears, spontaneously I prayed “Dear lord Krishna you are absolutely amazing, I love you so much, will you please come to my home ?”
After making this wish from bottom of my heart I spent next few moments in childlike wonderment, thinking wow what if this wish come true! How will it come true?.
Later I got busy with my routine work. On the same day my husband flew to Bangalore to attend wedding of his client’s daughter. At night I…

What do you really mean by being positive or positive thinking ?

What do you really mean by being positive? Is it really possible to be positive all the time? Many people think this is new age fad, this is just a theory or Gyan, this is impractical or unrealistic, and it is impossible…. so on. While interacting with these people I realized they have lot of misconceptions about ‘positive thinking’ or ‘being positive’.
First of all ‘positive thinking’ or ‘being positive’ doesn’t mean that you will never feel down, confused, anxious, fearful, angry etc. It doesn’t mean that you will stay in ‘highly motivated positive vibes’ zone all the time, 365 day and 24/7. It doesn’t completely eradicate negative emotions from your system. It is not at all about suppressing, hiding, ignoring, rejecting or not acknowledging these feelings or thoughts. It doesn’t guarantee that you will never face challenges or problems in life. It is not about being just goody-goody and ideal virtuous person all the time. Negative emotions exist for certain reason, it is a strong…

Magical Holiday - Access Consciousness© tools

This has been pattern in my life that every year around my birthday some significant change/event takes place. Credit goes to my parents because I remember during my childhood they always used to buy new or important things on my birthday e.g. TV, fridge, washing machine, gold etc. I have been observing for so many years, every year around my birthday energy shifts drastically, either end of challenges or some pleasant news.
This year as soon as my birthday began, since midnight I started using Access Consciousness© tools; I asked “Dear universe and angels what gift will you give me? What magic and miracles will I get to see? Will you give me surprise?”
Early morning I and my husband left for Matheran (hills station in Maharashtra, India) for 2 days to celebrate my birthday. In the evening we were roaming in market area of Matheran and one guy came with lucky draw coupons. Sales team of one company was promoting new resort in that locality.Usually we don't entertain such people …

Access Consciousness Bars ® class

Access Consciousness Bars Class® brings total new perspective of living life. Whether you would like to overcome any challenge or manifest your desires, access consciousness provide practical tools to deal with any situation in life. These tools are verbal processes which are extremely powerful and bring energetic shifts quickly, opening up new possibilities for you beyond what you thought possible. These tools can set you free and eradicate any form of limitations.  
You learn about 32 points on the head called bars and how to run them. Each bar is related to some or other aspect of human life e.g. money, creativity, age, communication, healing, joy, sadness, body, sexuality etc. When these points are slightly touched in specific manner, releases stuck point of views / energy that has created your current reality. It is like de-fragging your hard drive and upgrading everything you have to where everything works a lot easier and smoother.
New neuroscience research findings, about Ac…

What kind of sportsmen/women you are! Numerology perspective !

Every number defines characteristics of our personality and it reflects in whatever we do in our life.
During school and college days I was into competitive swimming.  I am now into coaching. While coaching, numerologist in me keep analyzing how numbers are influencing behavior of my swimmers. This is real fun and I enjoy thoroughly.
Birthdate number and life path number are key numbers having major influence on any individual.
First calculate your birthdate number and life path number and then read explanation given below for these two numbers.
e.g. Birth date is 22nd Dec 1985
22nd reduced to single digit will be 2+2 =4. Here 4 is birthdate number. So check for explanation for number 4.
Similar way reduce month and year number to single digit. December stands for 12, when reduced to single digit becomes 3 (1+2=3)
Year 1985 when reduced to single digit becomes 5 (1+9+8+5=23, 2+3 = 5)
Life path number = birthdate no + month no + year no = 4+3+5 = 3. So check for explanation for number 3.
1  T…